Who is Leo Stones & Gems

Leo Stones and Gems was founded by Amanda Flint in 2021. She is the owner and director for the entirety of Leo Stones and Gems. Amanda is a new seller in this industry but has been a collector of stones and gems and a lover of jewelry since a young age.

When Amanda was younger, she would always drag her parents into any type of stores that sold rocks and minerals to look at their selection of stones and gems and would purchase as many different tumbled stones as she could with her allowance. Amanda moved around a lot in childhood and really sparked her excitement when she came across raw jade while living in British Columbia, Ontario, Canada. However, as Amanda grew older, for a while she lost her connection to the opulence of crystals and gemstones but a few years ago Amanda dived back into an industry she once adored, and it was like nothing had changed.

When Amanda was younger, she did not know how extravagant and beautiful these crystals and gemstones could truly be. Now it has become her mission to find beautiful, rare items and share her passion with other individuals that also love crystals and jewelry. Amanda enjoys mixing the two to create gorgeous gemstone bracelets that are one of a kind while remaining affordable. 

Leo Stones and Gems is committed to providing the highest quality gemstone pieces, whether its jewelry, raw stones, polished stones or carvings, Leo stones and Gems has something for everybody!

Want to see what the fuss is about?

Live sales are held every second and last Tuesday of the month at 6 PM EST, on both Instagram and facebook! Here you can interact with Amanda, claim unique pieces and ask any questions you may have! We are also available through contact@leostonesandgems.com if you have any further questions!